On March 14, 2014, Roller Die + Forming, Inc., a leading producer of custom roll formed parts, acquired Pyramid Mouldings.  The entire group will benefit from this strategic partnership, combining Roller Die+ Forming’s heavy gauge capabilities and Pyramid Mouldings’s specialty manufacturing of complex parts.

The acquisition will further benefit customers on domestic and international levels by offering a greater range of services and broader reach.  The integration will take place over the next few months and will be a seamless transition, mutually beneficial to Roller Die+Forming, Inc., Pyramid Mouldings and their customer base.

Roll Forming: Save Cost and Improve Your Machine Productivity

Roll forming is a fast and efficient method of metal component manufacturing. Converting sheets or coils of metal into almost any desired shape, this technique is utilized in many industries where metal products are required in medium to high volume. Vastly reducing labor costs and increasing productivity, roll forming is an integral process in construction, automotive and industrial manufacturing. Continue reading

Pyramid Mouldings – Sourcing Jobs Back to the US or Mexico from China

Trends in US manufacturing sourcing practices show that companies are shying away from placing business in China while bringing back previously placed business to the US or Mexico. Reasons include steep increases in Chinese labor and overhead costs due to the development of a Chinese middle class. More people want to take advantage of and enjoy capitalist goods. Wages have increased. A decade ago, factory workers in China were paid $0.50 – $0.60 cents an hour or less. Today, wages are reported to be more than $3.00 and there are predictions of $6.00 an hour by 2015. Continue reading

Pyramid Mouldings Produces Roll Formed Structures for Solar Racking Applications

For the solar industry to become more competitive and grow, especially in the current scenario of questionable government assistance, it is imperative that we find ways to make the balance of system costs become less. BOS in this case means all of the structural support and panel framing systems, as well as the electrical apparatus. In searching for cost reductions, all types must be considered, including the non-value add costs of freight. Continue reading

FPSS Gets A New Roll Forming Machine!

FPSS gets it’s new roll forming machine to increase productivity.

FPSS – A joint venture between Feralloy and Pyramid

FPSS was formed to provide low cost roll forming and fabrication services specifically for the solar and construction markets. By placing roll forming, stamping, and assembly, equipment at Feralloy’s metal service center, we are eliminating the cost of packaging and transportation to ship raw coils of metal to a fabricating plant. And, the California location minimizes shipping cost to the final installation site. Continue reading