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Roll Forming

No Design is too Complex

A continuous operation, typically done at room temperature, in which coiled or sheet metal is permanently formed along the linear axis.

Sheet Metal Roll Forming Process


Powder Coating Systems

We operate an in-house, state-of-the-art powder coating system providing automotive and appliance-grade quality finishes.

Metal Finishing Services for Automotives


Made To Your Specifications

Much more than simply a roll forming, we have the expertise to provide finished assemblies made to your specifications.

Assembly Services for Finished Products

Form – Finish – Assemble

Pyramid Mouldings is a premier OEM supplier of high quality, competitively priced custom roll formed products for a variety of industries and applications. Our tooling and manufacturing capabilities are designed to supply those customers who need 25-50,000 feet of roll formed products per year.

How Pyramid Mouldings Cuts Your Manufacturing Costs

Roll Form Process Early Design Process
Inventory Turns/JIT Multiple Locations
Market Diversity Lean Practice
In-House Assembly


Pyramid Mouldings is excited to announce that we are experiencing growth in the number of inquiries and projects we are working on. In an effort to help handle that growth, we have added both engineering and sales personnel to our team of experts. We have added an engineer, looking for another and we have added two direct sales people.


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