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Cost & Time Benefits Offered By Pyramid Mouldings

Cut Your Production Costs


By utilizing the resources of Pyramid Mouldings, you can substantially reduce your bottom line costs. Below are the ways Pyramid offers you that advantage.



Roll FormingRoll Form Process

Our roll form process inherently offers several means for reducing your part cost. - With operations such as punching, notching and welding performed in-line, we are able to utilize less labor and less time for secondary operations.

  • Because roll form tooling allows for a high degree of flexibility, multiple sets of tools for varying length parts are not required.
  • Roll forming can provide better dimensional control than other processes.
  • Repeatability allows easier assembly.
  • Roll forming is a higher speed process.
  • Roll forming is more efficient for surface finish.
  • Roll forming utilizes material more efficiently.
  • Roll formed shapes can be developed with thinner walls.


Early Design Process

By engaging our in-house engineers in the early stages of your component manufacturing, we can help you avoid cost in the concept, design, tooling and finished manufacturing of your part.   


PackagingInventory Turns/ JIT

With close coordination with your factories and distribution centers, we work closely to package and deliver your components when you need them and where you need them. Our Just In Time Delivery can provide you with the quantity of product you need, freeing you from tying up money in inventory or using valuable floor space. We have the capability of delivering according to your inventory turns, which can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Packaging and Delivery Services

Pyramid is also experienced in providing assistance to our customers on packaging and delivery issues. We work regularly with returnable containers. For some programs, not only do we ship just-in-time, but also in sequence to match product coming down the customer's assembly line.


Multiple Locations

With facilities located across the U.S. and in Mexico, we can expedite the delivery of your product to your facilities. Plus with closer proximity to your facilities, we can save you on freight.


House FrameMarket Diversity

Because of Pyramid’s experience in serving numerous industries and manufacturing a large variety of component types, we have the ability to address almost any component need for any type of OEM. While each custom die we manufacture is own exclusively by the customer, it only enhances our expertise in the application of similar tooling for other industries. Plus we have the technical expertise and ability to make complex cross-sections.


Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing UnitPyramid Mouldings has instituted the Toyota Production System (TPS) to utilize lean manufacturing techniques at all of our plants.

Through TPS, waste is eliminated at each level, resulting in…

  1. Levelized production flow
  2. Small production runs
  3. Improved quality
  4. Lower inventory
  5. Lower cost
  6. Rapid response to change


In-house Assembly

AssemblyBeing able to provide in-house assembly services means your finished component can be made and fabricated at the same location, saving time, shipping and money.

Our in-house capabilities include...

  • Bending
  • Forming
  • Piercing
  • Notching
  • Welding
  • Riveting
  • Clinching 

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